Gauri Chalke, Assoc. AIA

Architectural Designer

Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s profound statement, “A building is not just a place to be but a way to be,” I am on a journey to create architecture that transcends the conventional – a space that breathes, evolves, and pulsates with life. I firmly believe that our surroundings play a pivotal role in shaping our mindset, and as designers, we wield the extraordinary power to craft spaces that evoke joy, productivity, and tranquility.

Motivated by a passion to make a positive impact on communities, Gauri’s aspiration is to understand how thoughtful architecture can enhance and enrich people’s daily lives. Guided by the mantra, “What you celebrate, you manifest,” she took her first step towards this mission by immersing herself in the architectural marvel that is S.R. Crown Hall during her Master of Architecture journey.

Now, armed with a profound education and fueled by the desire to contribute meaningfully to the built environment, she is diligently working toward obtaining her licensure as an architect. Her goal is to merge creativity with functionality, creating spaces that not only capitate the eye but also elevate the human experience.

Beyond architecture, her interests extend to the culinary world and diverse cultures. She’s your go-to for unique and tasty recipes and restaurant recommendations. Soon she’ll be adding scenic hiking spots to her list. Yet, above all else, her number one goal is to learn the art of celebrating life in all its facets.


Elon Health Sciences

Glenn Parks, AIA

Project Manager


Glenn is a talented architect and Project Manager with over two decades of experience. As a creative, energetic, and detail-oriented designer, he has thrived as the leader of many municipal and commercial projects. He is skilled in generating thoughtful renovation solutions which balance budget, sustainability, and durability.

Glenn is a prolific sketch artist and is rarely found without a sketchbook in hand. He excels in performing thorough research for his projects and enjoys analyzing the social and physical contexts of his work through sketching and diagramming.


Durham Recreation Center Renovations

Durham County Judicial Annex Renovation

Durham Armory Restoration

New Hope Church Road Trailhead Park