MedCenter Mebane Stair Tower Addition

The Cone Health Medical Center in Mebane requires an additional elevator and stair to accommodate tenant expansion on the 2nd floor. RND was tasked to address an assortment of civil and structural engineering challenges with architectural solutions in the design of the elevator and stair addition.

The design intent was to accent the existing building with a unique architectural feature. The curtain wall design darkens as it ascends toward the sky, referencing the internal movement of elevation change within the building. By utilizing tinted glazing, the interior is flooded with natural light while the exterior reflects jewel tones and fades into the sky.

An initial design concern was raised in regards to the solar heat gain from a curtain wall structure. In response, our team researched the technology of laminated glass, which reduces solar energy transmittance by layering tinted glass with inter-layered coatings.

  • Mebane, NC

  • Completed in 2018

  • 1,600 SF

  • Cone Health