Durham Armory Restoration

Following our extensive research and investigation, we designed energy efficient windows and doors. The new replacements feature mullion patterns and glazes reflective of the original style.

The interior also underwent comprehensive renovations, including finish upgrades to the art-deco lobby and ballroom, which is used today for weddings, community events, and public gatherings. The monolithic ceiling was replaced by a metal trusses and a new lighting systems. In addition, our team designed a small stage and restored the buildings upper balcony seating.

I just wanted to express my enthusiastic praise for all of your work on the Armory renovation. I just got back from an impromptu walk-through and I am absolutely delighted with the results...I hope each of you takes a great deal of pride in what we accomplished on this project.
W. Bowman Ferguson
Deputy City Manager of Durham
  • Durham, NC

  • Completed in 2014

  • City of Durham