Durham City Hall Renovation

In this large, multi-phased project, our teams provided extensive interior and exterior renovation design and construction services.

Leaking facade panels were replaced with a new metal clad rain screen. First floor walls were elevated, revealing a colonnade and brick plazas that engage pedestrians at the street level. A canopy with new modern signage was introduced, which features bronze vertical fins that pronounce the main entry. In addition, new hardscaping, landscaping, and green spaces were incorporated to provide employees and visitors with access points to the outdoors.

This project won the 2015 People’s Choice Durham Golden Leaf Award and the Adaptive Re-Use Durham Golden Leaf Award.

RND understands what customer service means. Working with RND on a large scale, in-place renovation, they have been flexible and creative. RND understands the budget constraints of a municipality and explores creative, cost-effective solutions to issues.
Doreen Sanfelici, AIA
Senior Project Manager
  • Durham, NC

  • Completed in 2015

  • 172,000 SF

  • City of Durham

  • People’s Choice Award (Durham Golden Leaf) & Adaptive Re-Use Award (Durham Golden Leaf)