DUMC Medical School Amphitheater Renovation

In this Medical School Amphitheater Renovation, existing tiers were reconfigured and new casework designed to encourage more progressive, team-oriented interactions among participants and the instructors. In the initial study, RND prepared a series of renovation options varying from the most basic improvements to more elaborate designs. This variety enabled the owner to refine the project scope and maximize their project budget.

The base option involved economical solutions to meet the rudimentary design criteria. A second more artistic option included a superimposed graphic of North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains on acoustical panels. This design concept enhanced the space while offering relief from the windowless walls.

The ultimate design solution was a marriage between these two. Upgrades were made to the furniture, finishes, LED lighting components, and communications equipment. Patterned acoustic panels were also installed to unify and brighten the environment.

3D Renderings were prepared for each design option and presented to client for assistance in their selection.

  • Durham, NC

  • Completed in 2019